Chris emailed me about this site last week, but I hadn’t gotten around to opening it till today. And oh, boy. I’ve had so much fun dissecting its front page, searching for metaphors and allegories and symbols. For example, check the heart on the top left. Notice, it’s split in two, and connected by a crescent symbolizing Islam, of course. Are they not touching ’cause you’re not supposed to touch when you’re a good Muslim, or ’cause you connect thru Islam? The girl on the banner is an African American Muslim, but your “trusted friends” are apparently Syrian yuppies. I don’t know if I trust a man who tucks his hideous waitershirt in and wears a belt. I wonder if I should join and keep my f’ster profile, tittie photo & all? I haven’t actually gone on to check if you have a dating, Women and Men option, but I’m guessing you don’t.

I remember when I was on Salon Personals, you had the option of searching ethnicity and religion. So, I’d sometimes search “Middle Eastern” and “Muslim” men. The following options would come up:
1. No photo having dudes in Cairo and New Jersey who only filled out the “Who I want to meet section,” writing: Good fun girl look like britney sbeer body.
2. Photo having dudes who were hideous in their yuppie-ness, describing themselves as “the best guy you’ll ever meet,” and listing magazines for favorite books.
3. Gorgeous men with gorgeous profiles, who read, listened to cool music, and lived within 50 miles. Excited, I’d scroll back up to look at their photo and notice, next to looking for, “Men.”

It’s confusing to me why I want to date an Arab guy to begin with. I never want to have kids again, so it’s not about that. I never want to please my parents, and in fact, they don’t care whom I date as long as it’s not an inmate, so it isn’t that.

I went to Amy’s the other night and saw two men, almost identical in body structure, facial appearance, and attire, order one cup of mango and lick it together. They were such a beautiful couple. I wonder if there’s something in the mirroring of the self that some people crave in a mate? If being with someone who reminds you so much of yourself is necessary for some?

Maybe that’s what it is.

If mirrors had cocks, I’d be set.

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