And A Couple Of Things

  • The Guardian had an article over the weekend about Macmillan’s new publishing venture. Viewpoints vary:

    One writer is calling Macmillan’s scheme a “scam”; another thinks it is “atrocious and wrong”. Hari Kunzru, author of The Impressionist, has described the initiative, in which writers receive no advance and may have to bear editing costs, as “the Ryanair of publishing; it’s like having to pay for your own uniforms”… Macmillan, by contrast, describes its… New Writing fiction list… “a voice to talented new authors”. “I find it strange that established authors don’t want new books to be published,” he said. “I find that position very hard to defend.”

    It’s an interesting venture. Would you publish your book this way? Feel free to share.

  • The Dobie Paisano fellowships have been announced. The winners are short story writer Timothy Westmoreland and poet <a href=”
    “>David Wright. The Paisano allows writers 6 months in the country SW of Austin, a house on a huge property, and a 2,000 per month stipend. The fellowship has been given to men for the past 3 years.
  • 3 thoughts on “And A Couple Of Things

    1. if it’s a good book, they pay for it.
      if it’s a bad book, you pay for it.

      sounds fair to me.

      and if it’s a really atrocious book, is there some way we can pass the hat around to pay for not publishing it at all?

    2. ooops. i guess that’s why i’m not a real reporter. sorry about the mix up… and i hope you do win something, soon.

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