In Flight

The Guild of Book Workers has put together a gorgeous installation whose theme is flight. It’s at the HRC right now, so if you’re in Austin, check it out. If not, you can go to the site and check out the works individually. Here are my favorites:

Mimi Shapiro
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
The Poet’s Dream: I loved the idea of a dream being a machine for flight, the way a book can be sometimes.

Melissa Jay Craig
Chicago, Illinois
Night Flight (to Bright Lights): I thought this was perty, kind of remided me of being a teenager. I was into Iridescence and flight, especially from my second story window on the weekend.

Mary Howe
Stonington, Maine
ABZ Bees: I liked this concept (“Maine beekeepers overthrow a 2002 decision by the US Postal Service to end live bee shipments”), as well as the organization. I loved the workmanship on the individual bees.

Sarah M. Smith
Salem, Massachusetts
Awful Disclosures (Letterpress Broadside): This was my favorite, totally hilarious: “Absurd trial of a moth caught in flight, written by the artist in the style of 18th & 19th century dying speeches”. I love the jumpy font switches, the dying speeches model, and the silliness of the situation, as well as the prose. Very cool.

One thought on “In Flight

  1. Thanks, Rockslinga…I thought it was perty too – so I hope to unload it when the show’s over.
    Melissa Jay Craig,

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