Call For Submissions: Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry

The following is a call for submissions from a dear friend, Hayan Charara:

I am compiling an anthology of contemporary Arab-American poetry that a major university press has expressed interest in publishing. The anthology is intended to be a comprehensive collection of Arab-American poetry.

To be considered for inclusion in the anthology, contributors and contributions must meet two criteria: (1) Contributors must be of Arab descent, and (2) original poems must be written in English, i.e., no translations.

“Arab-American” themes or subject matter are welcomed but not required. Previously published material is preferred.

While I have many poetry collections written by Arab-American poets, I do not have all of them. Please consider sending books (photocopies or printed manuscripts are welcomed) so that I have a complete and up-to-date sampling of your work. Email submissions are accepted, but hard copies are preferred. Any books sent will be returned if requested (please include SASE with sufficient postage). Otherwise, submissions will not be returned–please do not send your only copy.

The press would like to see a manuscript of the anthology in the fall. To accommodate this, and to ensure a top-notch manuscript, deadline for submission is to September 15, 2005.

Inquires and/or email submissions should be sent to:

Hard copy submissions should be sent to:

Hayan Charara
Editor, Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry
4905 Avenue G
Austin, TX 78751

Remember to include a SASE for reply.

Finally, please pass this message on to anyone who may be interested or may be able to spread the word. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Call For Submissions: Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry

  1. i tried to send a submission to the above email but it bounced back. is there another email?

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