Sorry for the silence around these parts. I’ve been getting my son ready for his 10 week visit with his dad, and preparing myself for the RAWI conference in NYC.

I urge everyone in NYC to come out to Hunter College Friday-Sun for the conference. It’s gonna be the shit. I can’t wait to be among friends, colleagues, and mentors; people I’ve long admired like Naomi Shihab Nye and DH Melhem (for a complete list of authors, go here).

There’s a poetry reading on Friday night I’ll be attending. I’m really looking forward to that. Follow the link above for the exact location.

Saturday morning, at 11:15, Laila Lalami (Moorish Girl), Leila Abu-Saba (Dove’s Eye) and I will hold a panel discussing literary blogs. When I have an exact room #, I’ll post here.

The conference will be badass. I’m pumped. I hope to blog some more from NYC, so stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “RAWI

  1. sounds fun! I will miss you on friday, however, since I wanted to drink coffee with you. Of course, I miss you all the time sweet girl. Travel safe!

  2. thanks, m! and don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time to have coffee when i return,for i will be free, free, free!

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