I Don’t Know About This Movie, Though

I was excited but trepidacious about Ziad Doueiri’s new movie, Lila Says. This was mainly because of the “About the Author” blurb from the book on which it is based: “Chimo is a pseudonym. The extraordinary success of Lila Says in France set off an intense debate over the true identity of this anonymous author who, the story goes, scribbled Lila’s story in ballpoint pen, filling two school notebooks. His, or her, identity remains veiled.”

Seeing the trailer has augmented my ambivalence. I don’t know if I can be down with a movie whose trailer shows a blonde coquette repeatedly showing her snatch, and an Arab guy who mutely stares on (no dialogue for him at all). Yawn.

I guess I’ll have to see it to judge. Check out the trailer for yourself.

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