Everyone who’s coming over from Moorish Girl, welcome! This blog is a lot like my Friday posts, except sometimes I talk about my personal life at greater length and blog about things that aren’t literary. You can count on some recurring posts: literary conversations with my Mama, interview excerpts, book “news,” personal posts about shows and readings and bad dates, and the occasional book review or satire.

I was telling a friend recently that candle wax is the most fickle thing in the world. You can spill it on your skin from a few feet and it lands cool. What kind of wishy-washiness is that? “I’m burning hot, I’m hot, oh, I’m cold!”

I’m fickler than candle wax. If there’s any such word as fickler (there isn’t). I will not report on anything with any regularity, or on anything of great importance, and this blog will achieve nothing in the grand scheme of things, or even in the small scheme, but it’s goal is noble: to entertain you. Candle wax may be fickle, but damn you can have fun with it sometimes.

Stick around.

3 thoughts on “Newcomers

  1. thanks, daniel! i did see the review, and enjoyed it. i have a copy of the collection, am reading and liking it.

  2. excellent. i’ve started laila’s book…amazingly beautiful! can’t wait to review it.

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