On this day, fifteen years ago, Iraq invaded Kuwait.

On this day, fourteen years ago, I moved to the US.

So, I can no longer say I lived half my life “over there,” because now, I’ve lived more than half my life over here.

Last night, I drove to the lake at 1 in the morning, walked down to the little pier and watched the water. It was so soundless, still, and stagnant, it looked like tin. I thought I could walk on it. If I were in Egypt, I would have walked from my mom’s little apartment, up the street, crossed the main road, wound through the cabins, across the asphalted boardwalk, and onto sand. Feet into water. Waves loud and peddlers louder. And the place would have been packed, at 1 AM.

I closed my eyes and pretended. Did the walk in my mind. It worked.

So boo fucking hoo. War happens. Immigration happens. Landlocked cities happen. I like my life, regardless of where I live it. Because in my mind, I have unlimited frequent fantasy miles.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. i liked moorish girl, but i’m glad i found rockslinga – your voice seems more personal here.

  2. This is really a lovely piece, I just had to comment. And I just found your blog via Moorish girl and really enjoy it

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