Dove Chicas

Dove uses hotties sizes 4-12 in their newest ad campaign. I did a double-take when I first saw the billboard in NY, and thought, “Those chicks are hawt!” (People are calling the models “real women.” I hate the phrase “real women.” Skinny women are real, too. These are the only women who can truly be deemed unreal.)
I like the ads. They make me feel like I’m looking in a mirror, and since when I look in the mirror I think “I’s hot!”, when I look at the ads, I think the same thing…. even though none of the girls are a size 18. Still, they’re about six stories high and maybe 4 windows wide, so technically, they’re bigger than me.

I still won’t buy the cream though. I like my jiggly parts. Why would I want to firm them up, or pretend I could?

One thought on “Dove Chicas

  1. i’m glad you don’t like the phrase “real women” … it’s true, we little chicks are women too. some of us even have boobs and everything.

    also, nice job with the link to realdoll.

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