New American/Arabic Film

According to the Daily Star, Lebanese filmmaker Randa Chahal Sabag (The Kite, Civilisees) and Lebanese-American producer Elie Samaha (The Pledge, Heist, Battlefield Earth) are working together on an American feature film. The movie is about “two clubs, a visiting team and a local team. One is from the global south, the other from the global north. Sabag says the story will have comedy and dancing but that it will also be political, addressing north-south economic disparities.”

The film, which may star Lebanese diva Haifa, will be in English and include some Arabic dialogue. It’s scheduled to come out in October of next year, and to cater to a US audience.

4 thoughts on “New American/Arabic Film

  1. Sounds interesting. I’ve heard a lot about The Kite, but never got to see it. I hope to check this one out.

    …am I allowed to say that? 😉

  2. No, you do not. Hope to check it out, I mean. You’re just saying that to score cheap indie film points 😉

    Which is so disgraceful.


    Elnaas Majaneen, majaneen, ya Josie.

  3. I swear, there is absolutely nothing worse for a movie’s prospects of being halfway decent than having Elie Samaha volunteer to produce it.

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