And one last thing

I was really pissed off by this retarded NYT article on the so-called “girl crush.” Here’s the most offending paragraph:

“The brain system for romantic love is associated with intense energy, focused energy, obsessive things – a host of characteristics that you can feel not just toward a mating sweetheart,” Dr. Fisher said, adding that “there’s every reason to think that girls can fall in love with other girls without feeling sexual towards them, without the intention to marry them.”

What? Is he fucking serious? Does he have a bird alarm and a car that’s made out of rocks?

I know a lot of people may not agree with me on this, but… are you a woman? Do you have a crush on another woman? Would you never admit, to yourself or to anyone else, that you want to have sex with her? Does that have to do with the fact that you live in a society that equates sex with love and love with marriage, and where marriage is only possible to a man?

Just a thought.

3 thoughts on “And one last thing

  1. That article really annoyed me, too. For lack of a better term, “the male gaze” stuff at the start of the article immediately put me off — that whole description of a woman watching another woman dancing. Like, ew, it’s so obvious your getting off on this mr. writer. And terms like “the brain system for romantic love” always creep me out. What the hell is this really bad/sloppy cognitive science doing in the STYLE section.

    I’ve never heard anyone use the term “girl crush,” but I’d like to read an article that actually discusses the contexts for such a term’s genesis. That article would most certainly have to address the limits that institutions like “marriage” impose on same-sex relationships. And that article would have to go beyond merely suggesting that the “girl crush” is something along the lines of the “must have” accessory for fall.

  2. Actually, the writer’s name was Stephanie Rosenbloom, so I’m pretty sure ‘Mr. Writer’ is the wrong description.

  3. Of course you are right biddy. I stand corrected. Proves I should probably re-read the article before I go blabbing about it in the comments of someone’s blog.

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