Grad School, Here I Come (Please?)

So, I’ve been getting ready to apply to grad schools. This is something I tend to do every fall. However, I think I’m actually going to apply this year.

It’s been 5 years since I dropped out of my second grad school excursion. By the time I was 22, I’d been in school for 18 years and was burnt the fuck out. I needed the past 5 years to chill and to “work.”

Also, my kid’s 9 now, and 9 is so much more handle-able than 4. He’s in a great school,dresses himself, and has a mohawk now, too, which means I don’t have to spend time on his grooming.

So, i’m prepping for the evil GRE – the normal one and the subject test. The subject test may as well be called the honky christian test. God DAMN that test is bullshit.

I’m working on my personal statement right now, too, and I can’t help but write unprofessional drafts that are very similar to this post. I know I have to tone it down, but whenever I do, I fall asleep.

Back to learning the difference between an epic invocation and an epithalamium. Because that shit’s really important to know when you call your apartment manager and ask for another month’s extension.

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