To See Some Texas Girls Shine Like Stars

I had my first performance with the Super Sonic Soul Squad Saturday– shit was tight! I had so much fun. The entire night was cool– putting on my uniform, doing my hair, going to the meeting spot and picking out jewelry with the ladies. We all put on each others’ makeup, watched a certain video on the mac to get even more hyped up, and practiced our songs.

At the club, people came up to us with questions like, “Um, I don’t mean to be weird, but what are you guys?” Stock answer: “We’re a dance team, and we do synchronized funk to hip-hop and pop.” And we had a flawless performance… hopefully someone will send me pics soon and I’ll post them here.

I love to dance– it taps into that same place that writing does, and gives good catharsis.

The next performance will be at End of an Ear at 8PM, Friday.

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