Survey Shmurvey

From the London Times:

Finally, a scientific survey has proven what everyone has long suspected (which is what scientific surveys ought to do): creative artists, it appears, really do have more exotic love lives than the rest of the population. The new study, published this week in Proceedings of the Royal Society, suggests that artists, from poets to painters to puppeteers, have, on average, twice as many sexual partners as non-artists.

(Link via Michalle.)

So that’s why I’s a hoe!

And Slate has an opinion piece on a survey, the gist of which is:

None of these experiments—the miscarriage experiment, the birth-control experiment, and the “trying to get pregnant” experiment—is perfect, but all three point to the same conclusion. Three imperfect experiments still don’t add up to one perfect experiment, but when they all give the same result, we can start to embrace that result with some confidence. In this case, the result is that early motherhood is not only correlated with low wages; it actually causes them.

So that’s why I’s a broke hoe!


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