Aidy on the Cairo Book Fair

The International Cairo Book Fair wrapped up last week, and Rockslinga pal Ahmad el-Aidy reported on it, hilariously as ever:

This year the Cairo Book Fair has a new head, Nasser El Ansary, who has carried out thoroughgoing reforms. With God’s help he was able to separate the kushari stands from the beefburgers and doughnuts. After all, the rich don’t want to eat with the poor. And he had large banners hung up with the names of famous Egyptian writers: Naguib Mahfouz, Taha Hussein, etc. The banners are so big they cover the stands in the open air section. People were even threatening to strike because the banners covered the names of the publishing companies. These dummies simply couldn’t understand that Mr. El Ansary hung the banners to protect them from the evil eye.

Read the rest here.

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