Blue Oscars

We at Rockslinga have a snobby attitude towards Hollywood. I hate seeing big roomfuls of actors get honored for working 12 weeks out of the year for 20 million dollars while my friends and I slog away at novels in tiny rooms for years for 3 dollars. But I went to an oscar-viewing party anyway, and ended up laughing my ass off.

I should say, “I ended up laughing my ass off, literally.” There were some LA residents at the party, and they claim that LA is all about using “literally” incorrectly. As in:

“I ran so hard to catch the bus my legs fell off. Literally, dude, my legs literally fell off.”


“Man, I literally died. Literally. I died.”

So, my favorite moments include every single one with Jon Stewart in it, and seeing the color blue on Salma Hayek and Larry McMurtry. Salma looked so stunning I literally had a heart attack. And McMurtry in a Cowboy Tux was the bomb…I loved his props to books and booksellers.

Once, I would have never dreamed of ever writing an Oscars post, but I just did. I’m now going to hide under a rock and hang my head in shame. Literally.

7 thoughts on “Blue Oscars

  1. Hey, you didn’t even mention the only film from Palestine nominated – Paradise Now. Another reason to blog the Oscars. Did you see the photos of the filmmakers in their tuxes on the red carpet?

    Don’t be ashamed. We know you’re a serious artist even if you watched the Oscars.

  2. yeah, shame sucks. And anyone who would judge you for watching the oscars can suck it. fucking elitist bullshit.

  3. we didn’t watch the oscars, since we don’t have tv reception. not that we’re coller than tv…instead we watched ripped episodes of lost season 2 on the pooter….3 in a row….while eating dinner…on the foyer table we’d brought into the computer room and set in front of the holy machine.

    if you want to talk about shame.

  4. Hey leila,
    the fact that they changed it from “palestine” to “palestinian territory” had me throwing a huge fit, so huge my brain blocked it out. it should have won.

    FF, i’s silly to feel ashamed about the oscars…but i’s not ashamed for watching it, but for posting about it. which is silly.

    elka, that sounds like a fun ceremony. the bringing on of the table and the dinner to watch lost with your beloved. cute…

  5. I missed the Oscars, but only because I was taking the biggest, most painful shit of my life. Literally, the biggest shit of my life–no shit.

  6. oh my god. If you think posting about the oscars is silly then you must think everything we do over at fluffy dollars is silly.

    I guess it is silly, but it never occurred to me to feel bad about it.

  7. omg, you *shouldn’t* feel bad about it. i love FD!!! i just thought it would be silly for *me* to post about it ….

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