Monday Morning Mare

As if Springing Forward wasn’t a big enough event to knock me on my ass this morning, the NYT online went and changed its format. I just finished wiping away my tears. Why do people have to fuck with a good thing? Why? I am in a state of despair.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Mare

  1. i’m with rockslinga. i like to fit 2 windows on my screen when i read the times, but now if i do that i can’t see the most emailed articles on the side of the screen.

    but more philosophically, i really don’t understand why everything has to be new, new, new all the time. don’t other people get satisfaction out of knowing their way around a site and forming their own little personal habits for using it? would you change your favorite recipes or move your furniture around just for the hell of it? i guess some people do….

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