That’s what the sign said infront of the ranch on Saturday. My good friend Erika got married to her sweet man, Taylor, on his Momma’s ranch. Longhorns and horses were witnesses. It was a 1930s-themed wedding, which meant we all wore bias-cut dresses (the women anyway), hats and pearls and gloves. The men were in suspenders and driving caps. Billie Holiday sang and we sat on blankets in the grass. There was an old fire truck and a fancy old automobile, fried chicken and cupcakes. The ceremony was long, and I cried twice.

When it came time to catch the bouquet, I tackled a dozen hot women and a 9-year-old and caught it. Not really: it sailed in my direction and I just kept my eye on it.

I’ve known Erika 8 years, but it feels like a lifetime. I’m thrilled for her…and for her daughter, Destiny, whom I love as much as I love my own kid.

3 thoughts on “WEDDIN’

  1. That sounds beautiful! Will you post some pictures?

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