Hedbgebrook & Comfort Foods

I’m going to Hedgebrook in 5 weeks, and I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be an amazing experience; I can’t wait.

They asked me to list my comfort foods, and I wrote the following:

Mangoes, French Fries, Cheese, Guava Juice, Mint Tea, Bagels, Tacos, Spinach Pies, Spinach anything, Eggs, Palak Paneer.

I don’t know what else to put. What would you put?

8 thoughts on “Hedbgebrook & Comfort Foods

  1. If you see Erika Abrahamian, say hi to her. She’s a fine Armenian/Iranian sister who just graduated from Mills MFA. Read her work, too…she’s cooking.

    I’ll tell her to keep an eye open for you…

    congrats on Hedgebrook!

  2. comfort food for me: french fries, hamburgers, ice cream, rice, breakfast tacos, smoothies, cookies, chips



  3. mac and cheese, creamed spinach, waffles with whipped cream and strawberry, roast beef sandwiches.

  4. pastrami sandwiches from Ratto’s deli in Oaktown. Watermelon. Venison stroganoff with mushrooms. Chicken pot pie I make from scratch. Dan’s broccoli cheese soup. Dan’s broccoli bacon quiche. X-rolls from Arizmendi (giant whole wheat cheese-veggie rolls, yum). Iced coffee with cream. A good dry white wine. artichokes in garlic butter. Carnitas burritos from El Farralito. My dad’s buckwheat pancakes.

    Dude, when did you find this out? Did you apply for other residencies? Did you get a scholarship? Dan’s interested in researching writing crap so I thought I’d pull your earhole.

  5. elkster, that sounds fucking yummy.
    i found out in february. i applied in september or october. it’s an all expenses paid residency for everyone. but it’s a women’s residency. dan should apply to yaddo and mcdowell, fo sho.

  6. ha, i just ran into this post on a random search, randa! okay, isn’t it funny how our “favorite comfort foods list” didn’t really matter? 🙂

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