Happy Belly Day

One of the funniest things about Mother’s Day is that children are the most self-involved, clueless creatures on the planet, so they really can’t be relied on for great Mother’s Day presents. Or even cards. My son’s version of a Mother’s Day gift was coming up to me first thing in the morning, tapping my belly, and saying, “Happy belly day.” Now, moms who live with adults tend to get presents and cards, because adults have access to cars. I did not get presents, but I did get to go to brunch with Erika and her family, and later I had msakhan* at Selina’s, which was a pretty damn fine Mother’s night feast.

*This recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of olive oil–hilarious! I think they mean 2 liters (Selina–you rock my world!).

One thought on “Happy Belly Day

  1. 2 TBS!!!! What the heck am I supposed to do with that? That’s not even enough for bread dipping. We are talking bread soaking here, people! That must have been a fake Palestinian who wrote that recipe. he he

    Love ya, Randa. I am so glad we got together.


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