2 thoughts on “Braggart in residence

  1. congrats! it looks awesome sexy in I-talian.

    I had a dream about you last night. We found a sweet Iranian hip-hop album in your car and we were burning it onto your computer because it was the only copy in the world, but then the CD cracked. Luckily it still burned okay.

    Then we watched a new Spiderman movie that had the luscious Jeff Goldblum in it reprising Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock role. I was transfixed. Then you suggested a bag for me and I said no thanks I want a leather bag and you called me a snob.

  2. i love that dream so much… i don’t know what i like better, that we were total 14 year oldboys in part ofit, with the “only CD in the world” thing and the spiderman thing, or that we turned into old ladies in the end, shopping for bags. i wonder if the bag thing came from the bag-shopping at salvation army? anyway, i can’t wait to come visit in november…

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