Underwear in Residence

Since I arrived at Hedgebrook, I’ve been getting emails and text messages from male friends wondering if I’ve gotten some tail yet. I think they have a fantasy about the “all-girls’ camp”. I am happy to report, though, that yesterday I was treated to a strip-tease.

It started innocently: we were talking about underwear and comfort. Then, the magic began. One of the writers in residence, Writer X, stood up and said, “I love this pair of underwear! They’re huge, but I love them!” She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her white grandma undies up over her belly button. Traumatized, I cowered in my love-seat.

“Those are cool,” said Writer Y, “I love mine, though”, and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, showing off her own semi-granny undies.

The cook walked in in her utilikilt, which was hot. She sat on the edge of my love-seat and chatted a little, then got up and turned around. Lo and behold, her kilt was pushed up… and her purple undies were showing.

Yes, dear reader: in the space of two minutes, I saw three sexy women’s granny underwear. I lead a very exciting life.

4 thoughts on “Underwear in Residence

  1. mine were boycut short granny underpants. sooooo comfortable. yah!

    let’s hope we never have a thong night.

  2. my friend goes to Germany every few years just to buy her favorite underwear. they are “granny” style and she calls ’em “LOVE-KILLERS”. they are hot.

  3. as writer y–i must update you (and of course out myself)! i mentioned this whole “granny pants” anecdote to my husband after he noted some lady’s (obvious) granny pants outline in her (unfortunately) see through white summer skirt. “Nice granny pants!”

    then i told him about how i showed off my boycut briefs to you two (writer x’s were HUGE! they went OVER her bellybutton)…and he said, “yours aren’t granny pants. they’re just boycut briefs.”

    so there. 🙂

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