Farewell, Paradise

I’m leaving Hedgebrook. Sniff. Today is my last day. And so I say goodbye…to my awesome work space: And my window seat, from which I would spend every morning looking at the trees and drinking my tea, and in which I’ve been moved and inspired at all hours of the day:And the bath house, which gave me sanctuary and a bathtub big enough to hug all of me:I’ll miss the wood stove and the warmth and fire it lit inside it and inside me, and the cool detail of the fishermen on its side:I’ll miss walking along the muddy flats of the beach:So, peace out, my small safe space. I’ll miss you, and take a bit of you with me on my journey out.

3 thoughts on “Farewell, Paradise

  1. this post made me so wistful and nostalgic! i wish you well on your forward journey, Randa!

  2. Randa, it sounds as if you were in paradise! Thanks for the pics. It makes me nostalgic for the artists’ colonies I’ve stayed at. I hope you will have this experience again.

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