One thought on “What the FUCK?

  1. Hey, welcome to Lebanon. My mother was on a plane that had to circle the airport for an hour in 1996 while Israel bombed it. I think that was the year they bombed a power station above Beirut – twice – first time set in flames, then the second time they killed 7 firemen who were trying to put out the fire.

    Not to mention all the Palestinian refugees they’ve killed over the years because you know “Terrorists hide in the skirts of their women”.

    Oh yeah and there was Qana. google that one. Oops, another mistake, over a hundred civilians killed in a United Nations shelter. Oops.

    I was 34 years old when I found out this stuff was against international law. Since America has never protested or halted any of it, I assumed it must be legal. Horrible, but legal. Nope, it’s illegal. But hey, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. That’s the logic, huh.

    My moms and I are having a little tiff about nothing in particular (I get on her nerves, she gets on mine) and I am about ready to email her wiht a truce flag. None of our shit matters next to this. My dad is supposed to fly to South Lebanon in 3 weeks for a wedding. Not gonna happen (I hope, unless a miracle happens and they work out a peace deal)

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