Finally, Home

For the past 4 months, I’ve been applying for housing in Michigan and failing. The landlords put my social security number through a machine and it tells them things they don’t want to hear: that I am a single mom, that my ex-husband once declared me on his taxes [and had his girlfriend at the time forge my name] and now I owe the IRS a couple Gs; that I sometimes don’t have the money to pay my phone bills. Based on these facts, they denied me housing, and until a couple of days ago, I was homeless and despondent.

I grew up with a precarious idea of home, and an even more precarious home life. So the news that my son and I will finally have a house to live in has lifted my spirits.

[This paragraph deleted at subject’s request]

3 thoughts on “Finally, Home

  1. Keep writing, Randa. What’s foolish is to think that moving away from what gives you meaning and comfort is somehow a bad idea.

  2. yay! you found a home. Also, I love your new picture.

    we. must. hang. soon.


  3. You’ve got a soft place to land!

    And…I am glad you are creating. Sometimes the most precious art comes out of very ugly times.

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