Keep Dreaming

I’ve just finished reading a collection of Eudora Welty stories, and watching the first season of Twin Peaks. The two don’t have that much in common, but the stories about freaks and magic and sisters and girlfriends are very Lynchian.

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get into Twin Peaks. I am drawn to its themes of duality and dream and nature. I love Agent Cooper and his trust in his instincts and dream-life. Also, I love all stories about a stranger who comes to town and sees everything that others take for granted (the trees! the pie! the people!)–is that a trope most immigrants, gays, and marginalized people feel familiar with?

In the last few nights, my dreams have returned to the intensity they enjoyed at Hedgebrook. I don’t just have a scary dream or a weird dream, I have an epic, fat, juicy dream that takes forever to journal (I keep a dream log when dreams are this intense).

At some point in my dream, which was party-themed, a man I didn’t know showed me the cover of my book. It was of a street which was Egyptian on one side–lanterny, colorful, crowded– Palestinian on the other– rubbly, deserted– and had a huge, Texas tree in the center. Awesome.

I grew up in a family and an environment that encouraged dream interpretation. People were constantly telling me what my dreams meant. Also, dream interpretation is super-popular on Egyptian TV.

2 thoughts on “Keep Dreaming

  1. dude–Twin Peaks was my OBSESSION in high school. I LOVED THAT SHOW. and yes, it brought on VERY vivid (epic) dreams for me.

    here’s to outrageous dreams.

  2. One of my friends and I did this marathon at the end of May–very satisfying. During the marathon I became a regular at the House of Pies in Houston. I plan on writing an epic poem about those gorgeous pies.

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