Here’s what’s helping me break out of my funk and actually feel happy these days:

1. Reaching out to friends (Montaigne would love that) instead of waiting for them to call me, seeing them almost every night.
2. Eradicating guilt about my sleeping patterns.
3. Watching Twin Peaks nonstop while eating heaps of donuts and drinking cups of coffee.
4. Buying a cool notebook that reminds me of the exact notebook I bought from a street vendor in Alexandria where I ended up after my own exodus.
5. Getting a postcard from Christine that says, “She looks like you in this picture, I think.” It is a postcard of a photograph of Marilyn Monroe when she was Norma Jean. Instant self-esteem boost!
6. Staying up late at night with Michalle and doing our ennegrams and the enneagrams of all our friends, and cracking ourselves up. (I’m a Four.)
7. Seeing my friend Zeina and her 4-week-old baby Zahi, who is perfect and new and uncorrupted.
8. Reading the authentic version of the Arabian Nights by Muhsin Mahdi and Husain Haddawy. It’s such a good translation, and the introduction is absolutely priceless. Also, since I am in Twin Peaks mode, I am noticing the themes of duality much more this time around. God, even the editor’s and translator’s names/initials have mirroring going on.
9. Going to Barton Springs. It’s like a baptism for all your foul thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Funkbusters

  1. i went on a wild hunt for season two all that night and the night after, and finally got it all (except episode 8). then, halfway through episode 15, the DVD died, so i have been reduced to reading recaps of episodes 15-18 on TWoP. Which is OK, except for the snide bitchy comments of the recappers who obviously don’t think Lynch is a genius. I hate them.

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