Mazen Kerbaj

Check out this amazing art blog from trumpet-player Mazen Kerbaj who lives in Beirut and is chronicling the war daily through drawings. I much prefer it to the news.

  • Check out this drawing, it’s so fucking great
  • Listen to Starry Night: a beautiful piece.
  • Check out Witnessing (again), Laure Ghorayeb’s blog. Ghorayeb is a seventy-five year old painter, poet, and art critic for Nahar. She drew throughout the civil war and continues to draw through the current crisis. She is also Mazen’s mother.
  • If you know of more Lebanese artists’ blogs, drop me a line.

    Thanks to I Hear A New World for the tip

    One thought on “Mazen Kerbaj

    1. I found your blog through a comment you posted on Mazen’s or Laure’s, can’t remember which. We live in the same fine city and play at the same soulful springs. I am partnered with a 2nd generation Lebanese-American whose family is fleeing the bombings. I’ll be back; your blog rocks.


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