Art Heals

Douglas Coupland writes about how he managed the painful memories of high school, in the Summer Issue of the Walrus:

The first two weeks in the abandoned school were Steven Kingy, but once the creepiness left it was like working inside my dreams at night, except it was real and I had control. I could literally, legally, artistically bash the crap out of anything that displeased me. At will I could mangle and trash lockers or AV equipment or uninspired textbooks. It was like being handed a superpower: the power to reconfigure the way I existed with my memories. Within a month, I was no longer having recurring dreams of trying to remember my locker combination or being late for a test in a class I didn’t even know I was enrolled in. Gone. Thank you, art.

2 thoughts on “Art Heals

  1. hey alaa! i miss you too. i’m better than ok, and getting ready to move to michigan. i’ll email you more details…

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