Safe & Sound

I am writing from my living room floor. From my new house. It’s cute, it’s old, it’s around the corner from a coffee shop/market, and I love it. Ann Arbor is gorgeous in the summer! I can’t wait to take all my shit out of my car and be able to finally sit down and read something.

Total number of miles driven: just over 1,300.
Number of times I filled up: 4 (~I heart Toyota~)
Water bottles consumed: 4
Salads: 1
Sandwiches: 2
Cherry Kolaches from Czeck Stop: 4
Coffee cups: 1
Peanut bags: 1
Bags of chips: 2
Containers of M&Ms: 1
Motels: 2
Sunsets: 2
Band-aids: 1
Reststops: 6
On da Ipod playlist: The Rahbani Bros, Nouvelles Vagues, Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, YLT, Fela Kuti, Wilco, Peaches, Pharell, N*E*R*D, Tori, Bjork, and that goddamn song “Usleless Desires” by Patty Griffin which had me choking on tears and pulling over.

7 thoughts on “Safe & Sound

  1. thank god i’m not the only one who gets retarded when she listens to Patty Griffin. “Long Ride Home” makes me want to slit my wrists. Dan thinks she’s the ultimate vagina music. He may have a point.

    Can’t wait to visit you out there!

  2. Thanks, Christine! Speaking of landing, I am sitting on a supremely comfy $40 armchair I bought from the badass thrift store which delivers. The delivery boyz were HOT. Miss you!

    Elka: Patty Griffin is not vagina music, just cuntry. I can’t wait for you to visit either! this neighborhood is the shit…you’ll love it.

  3. Oh my God! Just now before I opened your blog and read this I was singing “Rain”. I was chorus lovin. “straaange how hard it raaaains now, rows and rows of big DARRRK CLOUDSS” and i was getting depressed and then I read this and I laughed my booty off.
    I can’t wait to come visit. I havent decided exactly when I am coming but I’m excited!

  4. i own a guitar formerly owned by patty griffin.

    it aint made nobody cry yet.

    ‘cuntry’, i like that…

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