Hot encounter with one of the dudes down at the Arabic bakery

I walked into the bakery and three dudes with too much gel in their hair were jumping up and down and acting retarded. Then they were talking about someone called Jamal. “BMW Jamal or Jeep Jamal?” one of them asked. “No, dumbass, Lexus Jamal.” I waited patiently for someone to take my order. A hot, big guy emerged from the kitchen in baggy pants, white unbuttoned shirt showing off nicely groomed chest hair, and an apron, and very short hair (no gel). He pouted slightly and nodded in my direction. I ordered way too much food because I wanted to keep talking to him:
“Is this mjaddara?”
“Can I have four of these baklawa?”
“Yeah, a couple of spinach pies.”
“Um, kibbeh.”
Finally, right before he rung me up, he spoke:
“Want some bread?”

Yes, people. I am that shy and lonely. But he was fly.

6 thoughts on “Hot encounter with one of the dudes down at the Arabic bakery

  1. It would be funny if he happens to read your blog! Maybe he’s a fan of the Arab-American literary scene?

  2. this had to be in dearborn not ann arbor….I don’t think any arabs work in a2. kidding…..they did get a lashish on washtenaw is it?

    for sure go to dearborn for food & stock up for the week/month. zatar bread from new yasmeen bakery on warren ave is yummy and, i’m sure you know, freezes well.

  3. dude, now i am totally hot for the guy, too! and hungry to boot! i want some baklava NOW. you have inspired me to go make some at home soon.

  4. elka and selina: thanks!
    michalle: i doubt it. he didn’t speak much english.
    nayj–I’m going to dearborn to stock up as soon as i get back from london. although, this bakery’s zaatar bread is *badass*.
    christine: i admire your cooking finesse! baklawa is hard to make, yo. go girl.

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