Reading: 9/14, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre

Hey everyone…I’m leaving to London early next week to do a reading from the new collection, Qissat. Here are the details:

WHEN: Thursday 14 September 2006, 7:45 pm

WHERE: Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, Royal Festival Hall, London

WHAT: “At the UK premiere for this collection of stories by Palestinians living under occupation and throughout the diaspora, Liana Badr, Randa Jarrar, Adania Shibli and Huzama Habayeb join us to read from and discuss their writing.”

Go here for more details.

Bloggers, writers, etc.: Please spread the word.

I’m super excited, for several reasons, which are all pretty obvious. First, it is delightful that I’m getting to read with three amazing, brilliant writers. Second, I went to a British school for 8 years, but have never been to England. I’m super excited to see it. Third, fourth, fifth…I could go on forever, but I’ll stop there for now.

5 thoughts on “Reading: 9/14, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre

  1. yay on you! i’m so proud of you, lady.

    have a great time in London, and wow them with your fantastic reading styles…

  2. sweetie- we leave for germany tomorrow. funny, we will be on the smae continent, still. i hope you have a lovely time. missing you!

  3. Great news. I just stopped by to check in. Wow. London. You’re an international sensation.

  4. you *rock.* I hope there will be pictures. I’ve been missing you and thinking about you. Things are finally slowing down enough for me to do something other than drive and unpack. I miss you!!! xoxox Michelle

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