Royal Festival Hall Reading…

was a success! The house was packed and I enjoyed people’s reactions, my co-authors, Jaquelin Rose’s moderating, and the entire event. Yipee!
Number of pre-reading drinks (bitter lemon and gin): 2.
Number of people in the audience: 400
Number of mistakes made while reading: 1
Number of jokes we cracked during the Q&A: at least 20
Number of people who came up to me after the show and told me they were Jarrars: 2
Number of hotties: at least 5
Number of times I made people blush at the after party because of my “American” forwardness: at least 4
Number of mini pizzas consumed: 2
Number of beautiful stories I heard: too many to count

9 thoughts on “Royal Festival Hall Reading…

  1. Darling you are so fabulous. The world IS at your feet, love. You look glamourous and divine, and I’m even a teensy bit jealous. But most of all I’m just very happy for you. Mabrook!

  2. yay!!! you look so awesome!!! I wish I could have been there!!! you rock!!!

    xoxox michelle

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