It’s a Go

I’m translating Hassan Daoud’s novel (see left) for Telegram Books, with a release date very close to my own novel’s. So exciting! It’s set in Beirut and focuses on a group of teenage boys…

About Hassan Daoud:

Hassan Daoud worked in Beirut as a journalist during the civil war. He has worked as a correspondent for eleven years for the international Arab newspaper “Al-Hayat” which is published in London, writing on social themes, as well as on art and cultural. At present he is the chief editor of “Nawafez” the cultural supplement of the Beirut daily paper “Al-Mustaqbal Daily”. As a writer, he has so far published two volumes of short stories and four novels. His first novel, “Binâyat Mathilde” brings to life the social microcosm of Muslim and Christian tenants who offer shelter to a nameless refugee. Hassan Daoud, who himself grew up in a house in which Muslims, Druzes and Christians, as well as immigrants from Russia and Armenia, all lived together, makes strikingly apparent the background for the disturbance in Lebanese society through the changes in the daily lives of the tenants. Hassan Daoud’s most recent novel, “Makiage khafif lihazihi Allailah” (t: A mild makeup for tonight), appeared in 2003. Daoud lives in Beirut.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Go

  1. the title of the novel: Is it the whole phrase “the year of the revolutionary new bread making machine”? how does that go in Arabic? would you mind transliterating it?

  2. The Arabc title is “The Automatic Year.” This title is obviously different, but still contains the essence of the novel…

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