New Egyptian MusicFest!!!

From BBC:

Disillusioned with what they see as the low quality, sexualised, commercial pop music available on the Egyptian television and airwaves, a group of young musicians began an ambitious project to share original, underground music and support Egypt’s home-grown talent.
The music was highly diverse – rock, metal, reggae, modern Egyptian, rai, contemporary oriental jazz and hip-hop.
The driving force behind the festival is 28-year-old Ousso, a session musician and guitarist in jazz fusion band Eftekasat.
“I decided to create a platform for good music, original music, underground music. Confidence is low in Egypt. People tend to imitate more than innovate,” Ousso said.

With the support of major sponsors, the event was free for the 15,000 invited fans.
Ousso he is aiming to begin a musical revolution.
Being a young musician in Egypt is a challenge. There are few music schools and teachers.
Getting hold of equipment is difficult, it’s hard to find drums or a guitar and even tougher to find a rehearsal studio or a place to play.
Venues are small and thin on the ground and audiences are rarely greater than 400 people.
But you wouldn’t know this from the thousands at the SOS festival.
Young families picnicked on the grass; metal fans with piercings head-banged wildly and hijab-wearing young women bounced on the shoulders of friends up against the stage.

Thanks to Selina for link!

One thought on “New Egyptian MusicFest!!!

  1. I wish I had known about this. The biggest problem for the survival of any authentic culture in Egypt is (ironically) publicity. It’s just too damn hard to hear about anything before it happens.


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