Home for Their Holidays

My child is in NY now, and I’m leaving to Austin soon. I can’t wait. Part of me is wondering why I’m waiting so long. I wish I could go tonight.

I’m working on a story for my History of the Short Story class. We imitate stories– their plot, voice, style, structure, etc.– and I am imitating Isaac Babel’s “Story of My Dovecote” and setting it in Gaza.

Other things on my agenda: reading Flannery O’connor’s The Violent Bear It Away for pleasure, not class, and doing something to my hair that involves a hair dye kit from Sally’s and a new pair of Barber-grade shears. I’m terrified and thrilled at the prospect of fucking up my tresses. Maybe I’ll post photos.

So, In the next week, expect: Pics of Austin. Pics of friends. Musings. Pics.

One thought on “Home for Their Holidays

  1. I’m liking that History of the Short Story class’s exercise! Happy writing. Miss you, and hope you have a great time in Austin!!!!!!

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