Here they come

Once in a while, I get bombarded by ideas for stories and novels and I have to open up and let them come without fearing that I have to commit to them right away. I have been obsessing over an idea for a story since December, but this week I was bombarded with three more. The three are all similar in theme – desire, self-sabotage, rejection, men – and they’re heavy and light at once. So of course my tendency is to want to squish them all into one story, which then makes me sit around and attempt to create (read: force) connections between them, which is bad for the stories. Also, I have a fear of writing about erotic things, or about relationships between men and women, because I am afraid of sentimentality and inauthenticity, and, because I am afraid of feeling too naked (ha!). Tough shit, right, I should just do it. Sometimes it’s easier to blog about this stuff than really commit to working it out…

5 thoughts on “Here they come

  1. Not that I know what I am talking about, but I wouldn’t say tough shit. Here’s an idea: what if you let the fear come through in the narrator’s voice? Could be powerful…

  2. Why squish them all into one? I ask b/c I’ve gone down the same road unsuccessfully too many times.


  3. zoss: great advice! i’ll try and see what floats up…
    antoine: i won’t really squish them. but the impulse is initially there. then it’s a relief not to. it never works…

  4. i have tried to conquer my fear by telling myself that i need to write and not necessarily publish it. it helps to get it down on paper and get me past the fear/anxiety

    how was awp? assuming the pix w/ hayan and khaled was from awp conference.
    any interesting gossip?

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