How does your garden grow?

I’m thinking of taking an organic gardening class. It starts next week. I have a small garden space in the yard and I want to use it (just as soon as the cold and snow clears off.)

I’ve been holed up in the house writing a lot. I began a new story Monday which I wrote 3 or 4 beginnings to before I figured out how it should go.

I’ve also gone through a third of the novel’s manuscript, as I preen it for publication. Oh, novel, which I started before I did so much growth, and which helped me grow.

And I’m hoping to continue swimming. I’m the slowest one in the lap pool, but fuck it. I’ve recently learned the virtues of taking things slow, and I like it.

2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. it sounds like you have done a lot of fantastic cultivation–and a garden will just be a beautiful addition. 🙂

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