Sorry about the silence around these parts. It will probably continue for a while, as I feel I have nothing to say. The news depresses me, so I’m staying away for a while. I am not reading any contemporary books. Right now I am reading the collected short stories of Nabokov, which is inspiring and beautiful. I finished a first draft of a short story yesterday, and I’d like to work on a revision of it, and of my novel, and start the translation in earnest. Please share what you are reading right now, what you are working on, if you are writing, and what the weather in your town is like…

2 thoughts on “Silence

  1. be as silent for as long as you need/want. sometimes silence is very nurturing! (although I have yet to learn THAT lesson) 🙂

    i am happy to get this update and to know you are busy and progressing!

  2. Yes, I’m glad to hear from you. I’m reading a lot – Shakespeare, Euripides, the Bible, and Chekhov (all but the last for classes). Working on my novel, and also dumping raw material for more than one short story which I can’t really work on at the moment.

    Hubby has the computer all day. Yes, he should get our network to work properly, but he hasn’t gotten to it. This is actually good. I’ve discovered that it’s better to stay home, be off-line, and read and write, than go to campus and get sucked into the internet.

    The weather? Too dry in California. Long warm spell finally broke but we still haven’t gotten enough rain. At least it’s chilly out but all the spring flowers bloomed at Christmas so they’re suffering.

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