Egyptian Cinema Centennial

From El-Ahram:

Cinema is an expression of modernity, and the decrease in the attention dedicated to the cinema as part of the national Egyptian culture is an indication of the crisis of modernity in Egypt. The size of the celebration of the anniversary or any occasion is no proof of regression, rather that Egypt is the only country in the world which produced over 3,000 feature films, and almost as many short films, yet remains without a cinematheque where at least one copy of each of them can be found, even if such copies will be on VHS or DVD.

I don’t know what is more tragic: the above quoted paragraph, or the fact that the new Alexandria Library does not have access to a 35mm projector.

Go here for a list of the top 100 Egyptian films in order of production.

2 thoughts on “Egyptian Cinema Centennial

  1. OK, of these I know I’ve seen bab alHadid (Cairo Station); there were others I’ve seen over the years but I can’t remember their names. ??? Woops. Cairo Station made an enormous impression on me. I would put that film up against any European film of the era.

    I think it was Iskandereya Ley that featured a bit part appearance by John Rodenbeck, publisher of Naguib Mahfouz in English, prof. of English at AUC, and former screenwriter and actor.

    I’ve always wanted to see The Busdriver. I have to get myself plugged into Egyptian DVD rentals. Netflix has nothing.

    Thank you for this post, Rockslinga.

  2. cool leila. those are good flicks, esp. iskindereya leh. check out:

    el-tuq wal iswara, based on the amazing novella by yehya teher abdallah.

    the dreams of hind and camilia…SO GOOD!

    and bahib el-seems (i love cinema) which i think is the best ever egyptian movie…

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