Translation Done!

Yay! I’m finished translating Hassan Daoud’s novel, The Year of the Revolutionary New Bread-making Machine. I need to go through and make sure it’s all kosher/halal, but otherwise, the actual translating work is through! Whew. Here’s the publisher’s blurb for the book, which makes it sound a lot more serious than it is:

Abu Ali and his brother have just moved to bustling 1960s Beirut. They spend their days sitting in the sun outside their traditional bakery, chatting with customers.

For the men working inside the bakery life is starkly different. Working endless shifts in the furious heat of the old bread oven, they fantasize about escape. Mohammed sings all day long in his beautiful tenor voice, while the others lean exhausted on sacks of flour and dream of becoming wrestlers.

When the brothers acquire their revolutionary new bread-making machine, the workers struggle to adapt to the new conditions, and one by one their dreams fade into oblivion …

A poignant, wry portrait of a 1960s Beirut as it burgeons into the future.

You can get a copy in October…

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