3 thoughts on “RAWI

  1. You’re making me so jealous. Rabih Alameddine – I get to take credit for his appearance. RAWI kept emailing me last year asking about how to reach him – I’d met him once at a reading in SF. Nobody in SF I knew had ever met him or knew how to contact him. RAWI kept emailing – where is he? I could not find him.

    Finally I posted on my blog, which gets picked up by Lebanese blog aggregators: Rabih Alemeddine, where are you? He was traveling in LEbanon, and instantly he got like ten emails from people who read my post. SO he was found. But then I am not there to hear him read. S**t.

    And yet with all that we have been through this past three years, I just had to stay home and recover. There is no way I could have gotten on a plane yesterday.

    You must be having such a great time. Neeyelic.

  2. So I have this friend who thinks I “one-up” people. I can’t help wanting to tell this story about finding Rabih Alemeddine. If you think it sounds like one-upping somehow then you have my permission to delete both of these posts. I have no fucking clue anymore, it appears that I am much more abrasive than I ever realized….

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