It’s on. Naomi Shihab Nye and Rabih Alameddine read today, and rocked the house. The next couple days it’s panels, more readings, screenings, and general fun.


  1. You’re making me so jealous. Rabih Alameddine – I get to take credit for his appearance. RAWI kept emailing me last year asking about how to reach him – I’d met him once at a reading in SF. Nobody in SF I knew had ever met him or knew how to contact him. RAWI kept emailing – where is he? I could not find him.

    Finally I posted on my blog, which gets picked up by Lebanese blog aggregators: Rabih Alemeddine, where are you? He was traveling in LEbanon, and instantly he got like ten emails from people who read my post. SO he was found. But then I am not there to hear him read. S**t.

    And yet with all that we have been through this past three years, I just had to stay home and recover. There is no way I could have gotten on a plane yesterday.

    You must be having such a great time. Neeyelic.

  2. So I have this friend who thinks I “one-up” people. I can’t help wanting to tell this story about finding Rabih Alemeddine. If you think it sounds like one-upping somehow then you have my permission to delete both of these posts. I have no fucking clue anymore, it appears that I am much more abrasive than I ever realized….

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