Siniora likes Palestinian poetry (but not kids)

A ceasefire has been called by the militants inside the camp, but bombings, bloodshed and bullshit continue in Nahr el Bared. Shame on the Lebanese troops for shelling a camp full of kids and women and innocent men, and shame on Fatah al-Islam for hiding amongst them like the cowards they are.

Dar al-Hayat interviews Fouad Siniora. An excerpt:

I met Fouad Siniora in his hotel suite. He was reading the latest book by poet Mahmoud Darwish, ‘Fi Hadret al-Ghiyab’ (In The Presence of Absence). I maliciously said that he was trying to navigate in Darwish’s beautiful, brilliant and tense vocabulary to forget the terms being repeated in the opposition campaigns against the government and the prime minister. I wished opposition leaders, as well, went to a book fair along with the necessary novels and collections of poems to give the Lebanese people the chance of spending the last summer of President Emile Lahoud’s era. Unfortunately, they will not. It seems that the Lebanese people are called on to spend the summer on a razor’s edge, just to use a euphemism.

UPDATE: What happens when refugees seek refuge from refugee camps???

One thought on “Siniora likes Palestinian poetry (but not kids)

  1. Interesting that the Lebanese bloggers I like are angry and passionately against this shelling, while the usual “pro-American” anti-Syrian right-wing knee-jerk mall rats are all for the Lebanese military. I am beyond disheartened, I am hiding inside a turtle shell of old sorrow and grief. This is very very bad.

    Lebanese treatment of Palestinian refugees over the last 60 years is inexcusable.

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