I’m a busy fool these days. I know lots of important things are happening in the world, but it’s the little daily life dramas that are keeping me busy.

My kid’s been complaining of headaches and trouble reading, so I took him in to see the optometrist today. The doctor came in and shook my left hand, and at closer look, his right hand was bandaged. Soon, I noticed that he had a cut above his left eye. Great, I thought, my kid’s eyesight is resting on the opinion of some thug who got into a brawl over Labor Day weekend.

But he turned out to be a cool doc, and got along famously with my kid, once or twice saying he wanted to hire him to be his regular patient. He prescribed some good glasses. When I went up to the front and got the bill I almost shat myself. But hey, vision. It’s an important thing for kids to have.

I teach my first class tomorrow. And I’m in the process of revising the novel for what I hope to be the last time before publication. I am a tired, tired girl. Still, I’m excited and I probably won’t get any sleep tonight…

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