"Prince of Poetry"

Tamim Barghouti, son of famous, beloved Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti and the amazing Egyptian novelist Radwa Ashour, is a participant in “Prince of Poetry,” which seems to be an American Idol for Arab poets. Check out his excellent poem, “In Jerusalem.” Beautiful.


  1. He is amazing…I was watching the show last night and thought about your blog (yes, I am a fan of your blog and work) and wondered whether you know about this show or not. And just today as I was checking your blog I see that you did mention it…weird eh!
    Anyhow, I think this show is much needed over there especially after all the crap that is on Arab tv now…but I am not sure if I would say this show is like American Idol…yes it’s the same concept but…the Arab version of American Idol is “Pop Star”.
    I think this show is truly changing the literary scene in the Middle East – poets are all of a sudden celebrities. I am not sure if that’s a good thing…

  2. hey…how exciting about the telepathic connection 🙂

    i think the show’s popularity is exciting, though your wariness about it is definitely warranted.

    we’ll see what happens in the next season, too, if all the poets come politicized…

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