Lunch with M-House AKA Steven Millhauser

A few of my classmates and I just had lunch with Steven Millhauser, author of awesome books like The Knife-Thrower, In the Penny Arcade, Martin Dressler, and the forthcoming Dangerous Laughter. Things discussed:

  • Spencer’s The Faerie Queene, and, related to that, Millhauser’s love for vertical lines– stories with attics, basements, and level ground.
  • Teaching undergrads, and how it’s best to be kind and encouraging.
  • The wonders of a patron, and, in lieu of that, a one class per 2 semester teaching load at a place like Skidmore, where Millhauser teaches.
  • The new “realism” of his recent stories, which he has been reading almost like a rapper, which birthed his new rap name, M-House.
  • He rocks my world. Read him.

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