Welcome Back: Some exciting news/ updates on my novel

Waiting on copy edits

The manuscript has been copyedited. I delivered a final copy a few months ago, thanks to the help of my editors and to Judith G, the publisher of Other Press. Judith & I spent a couple of hours on the phone a few times a week back in September and October until we got the manuscript rockin’. Judith fell for the book and wanted to represent it worldwide. Which brings me to…

The novel is now coming out in hardcover.
It was initially bought as a paperback original, but I’m really excited it gets to come out in both incarnations. Plus…

World Rights purchase

Other Press bought the World Rights to the book for a year (after which my agency continues to represent it worldwide). So far Other Press has sold it to…

Hoffman Und Campe in Germany

The publisher bought it in a pre-empt in Germany in early December. And…

I’ve approved the final Catalog Copy.

It was crazy & wonderful to see my novel summed up in a paragraph. And last…

I found a cover image I love by Arab American Detroit Artist Joe Namy (below – click to enlarge), and all at Other Press loved and approved (can you blame them?).

8 months to go!

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