Kufiyya Kraze

The crazy mofos at Kabobfest are at it again. I almost hyperventilated laughing at the skit 3:25 minutes in. Here is my translation of the conversation between the “Islamofascists:”

Guy 1: I’m calling to remind you– tomorrow is your mother’s birthday. I’ll bring the cake and the Pepsi, you bring the balloons, got it?
Guy 2: I don’t wanna bring the balloons. You bring the ballooons.
Guy 1: Dude, why are you always dumb like this?
Guy 2: I always bring the balloons, so you bring the balloons, and I’ll bring the cake this time.
Guy 1: You animal, you dog, I just bought the cake. You bring the balloons.
Guy 2: I don’t want to. You’re a fucker.


One thought on “Kufiyya Kraze

  1. i sent to classmates. we were just talking about the kaffiyeh. is it divested of power as it gains U.S. consumption/cache? i have to say yes. it’s so gross seeing these images.

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