2 thoughts on “Hallefuckinlujah

  1. I had an idle fantasy yesterday that the Palestinians of Lebanon, some of them third generation refugees, would just swarm the fence at the Lebanese/Israeli border, blow it up or cut through it, and march into Palestine. Gaza Fence II.

    A quarter of a million people. Just flood the place. What would the Israelis do? They might shoot a few women and children (“in self defense!”) but would they really have the guts to exterminate a crowd of a hundred thousand people, before video cameras and the world?

    So then there would be all these refugees back in Palestine. They could march to their old villages, greeting the current residents with polite and even warm smiles. Here we are! We’re so glad to be back. Have you been enjoying our homes? WE’ve missed our country. Well, now we’re here. What are you going to do about us? We’re hungry, thirsty, we don’t have passports for any country and we do have house keys and title deeds.

    Facts on the ground can work both ways.

    Well it’s a pipe dream… we novelists can always dream, can’t we?

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