…were so fun! I’d never been to Boston; it was great to meet Smoki Bacon and do an interview for the Literati Scene…

Followed by a walk down Newberry…

Ending at the Public Library, where I wrote…

and read in the courtyard…

Then stood outside, where I found out from my publicist that my book got 4 stars and a review in this week’s issue of People Magazine…

Later that evening, I ended up at Harvard Square Bookstore, where I read…

I forgot my camera Saturday night, which was probably a good thing, because it rained like a motha and I walked around the Lower East Side barefoot to avoid Soggy Shoe Syndrome. My friend and superstar agent accompanied me to Bluestockings. It was an amazing turn-out: all the Other Press peeps came, as did my sister and brother, my college BFF, my Norton Island friends, some long-time readers, plus Richard Grayson, Sean Carman, and Maud Newton.

I had such a great time listening to the rain fall outside and my friends laugh inside.

I feel so blessed.

4 thoughts on “Readings

  1. OMG! 4 stars in People? WOO HOO! This is huge for you but also for us Arab-Americans. Now I’m going to email Philip Weiss about you… journalist-blogger who tracks what he believes is a shift in the tides re: Palestine and Palestinians in this country…

    This is HUGE.

    I love the photo of the lady by the fireplace. That is SO NEW ENGLAND. Amazing. I am very proud of you. And congrats on the successful NYC reading… so sorry I wasn’t there. (I miss rain, too, we’re in month 7 since the last rainfall)

    But eewww, walking barefoot on the LE Side? I know the place has become ritzy, but still… Soggy shoes are better than … I dunno … tetanus or lockjaw or bilharzia or something. Be well!

  2. My first reaction to your post (and I apologize as my OCD tendencies override all else, including being proud of my friend): WHY ARE YOU WALKING BAREFOOT ON THE LOWER EAST SIDE?!

    I have a nice bottle of hibiclens for you.

    Annnd I am very proud of you.

  3. Girl, you deserve every piece of success and more. You bless everyone whose lives you’ve walked in. I miss you and love you, and your book is wonderful; I enjoyed each and every paragraph.

  4. awww, you ladies rock. Thank you, Leila, Christine, Elka. I have enjoyed walking (barefoot and bilharzia-d) into your lives 🙂

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